Yellow Linen saree

Yellow Linen saree

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A yellow linen saree, which the weaver made possible by his magical fingers! The saree is yellow all over with the weaver using fairy dust to give a zari border. The end of the pallu, has little tassels in alternative yellow and white colors, that hang from the end like pretty little lucky charms!

Colors may appear slightly different due to photography lightening conditions and your monitor display settings.

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Linen sarees buy online @ Pink Paparazzi

The story of Linen Fabric

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Linen is basically a bast fiber, which means that this is a fiber that is obtained from the inner section of the bark of the plant (also known as the phloem) which is why is has superior tensile strength when compared to other fabrics. In order to get the longest fibers (as these determine the overall quality of the fabric), flax plants are harvested by hand or the stalk of the plant is cut close to the roots. The fibers are then pulled away from the stalk and this is done through a process known as retting wherein bacteria is used to decompose the natural pectin that acts as an adhesive and binds the fibers together.

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After this, the stalks are submitted to another procedure which is known as scutching. In this process, all the wooden portions present in the stalks are removed completely by crushing the stalks between metal rollers. The fibers are then separated from the mass (and other items like tow, shive and linseed are set aside to be used for other things). After all of this is done, a process called heckling takes place in which the fibers are basically separated from each other with the help of a comb.

These fibers are then processed and treated after which they get spun into yarn (or they can also be woven or knit into textiles of linen). Once these textiles are created they can be dyed any color, or bleached, printed on or embroidered on, as per the needs of the garment or ensemble that ends up being created.

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A lot of designers are designing pure linen sarees which are hand-woven using the contemporary Jamdani weaving technique, mostly in geometrical patterns, like tapestry work where small shuttles of coloured, gold or silver threads are passed through the weft. Jamdani is spun by hand and foot tools and may take two full time weavers more than a year to complete. Vibrancy of colours and richness of motifs make it stand apart.

Exactness not guaranteed: We do not guarantee exactness as to the finish and appearance of the final Product as ordered by the user, as quality of imagery cannot be taken a final representation.

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