Yellow color saree

Yellow color saree

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Designer lehenga sarees online shopping @ Pink Paparazzi

Designed by our design Team, Pink Paparazzi presents a hot pink gota patti embroidered designer blouse, that has floral motifs all over in a 80s fashion trend. The floral motif has a sequined effect, but won’t prick into your skin like a normal sequined material does. 80s floral motif normally goes with dark colors, but to keep up with the recent trend of wearing fluorescents, we experimented it with a hot pink bodice and added a tinge of orange to the cap sleeves! A perfect melange of fruity colors!

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Also, if life gives you lemons, use it to color your saree a bright yellow! No, we didn’t use lemons to color the six yard designer saree yellow, but it definitely looks like the perfect bright yellow peel of a lemon! This designer saree blouse combo is a hit and perfect for wearing at any time of the day!

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Designer lehenga sarees online shopping @ Pink Paparazzi

It’s raining colors !! Designer lehenga sarees online shopping only @ Pink Paparazzi


It is the brightest color that the human eye can see. Yellow color represents youth, fun, joy, sunshine and other happy feelings. It is a cheerful and energetic color.Yellow is the best color to boost enthusiasm in your life and can contribute with greater confidence and optimism. It loves challenges, especially the mental kind. In color psychology, yellow is known as the color of communication. It is a great speaker, networker and journalist, who all work and communicate on the mental level.

STOP THE PRESS !! Designer lehenga sarees online shopping ONLY @ Pink Paparazzi

The yellow color helps make decisions and relates to clarity of thought and new ideas. Yellow also helps us focus, study and remember information. Wearing yellow rejuvenates and balances  the mind. It wipes out the feeling of heaviness and repression. This colour is also associated with intelligence and inspiration. All shades of yellow will cheer you up and help make you feel happier.  Yellow sarees are perfect for day functions and various events. An embroidered blouse is the best match with the yellow saree.

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The Colors of the Chakras -Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as Manipura. This chakra is located in the stomach area. It is linked to the stomach, liver, skin, large intestine, muscular system, and solar plexus area. The Solar Plexus Chakra is representative of vitality and will. When this chakra is open, it acts to empower a person and help them find their personal strength. It will help turn dreams and goals into reality.

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Yellow Stones: Amber, Calcite, Cat’s Eye, Citrine, Fluorite, Golden Beryl, Golden Yellow Topaz, Golden Tiger Eye, Iron Pyrite, Lemon Chrysoprase, Yellow Celestite, Yellow Danburite, Yellow Garnet, Yellow Jade, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Kunzite, Yellow Muscovite, Yellow Rhodonite, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Tourmaline.

The blouse has ample margin inside to extend the blouse size.

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