Blue double dye saree

Blue double dye saree

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Plain saree designer blouse online @ Pink Paparazzi

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Pink Paparazzi always persistently struggles to introduce sarees which are high on style, chic, elegant and classy. Keeping all that in mind we bring to you our double dye pure crepe saree in the combination of teal and light blue. So perfect for a day affair or a dinner date!

Colors may appear slightly different due to photography lightening conditions and your monitor display settings. The Blouse worn by the model in the image is a part of Pink Paparazzi’s brand new collection and can be purchase separately. Stay tuned to our web store to explore the new whole range of Blouses.

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Plain saree designer blouse online @ Pink Paparazzi

What is dyeing?

“The process of applying color to fiber or yarn is called dyeing.” There may or may not be thorough penetration of the colorant into the fiber or yarn.

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Dyes can be used on vegetable, animal or manmade fibers only if they have affinity to them. Textile dyes include acid dyes, used mainly for dyeing wool, silk and nylon and direct or substantive dyes, which have a strong affinity for cellulose fibers. Mordant dyes require the addition of chemical substances, such as salts to give them an affinity for the material being dyed.

Plain saree designer blouse online @ Pink Paparazzi

They are applied to cellulose fibers, wool or silk after such materials have been treated with metal salts. Sulfur dyes, used to dye cellulose, are inexpensive, but produce colors lacking brilliance. Azoic dyes are insoluble pigments formed within the fiber by padding, first with a soluble coupling compound and then with a diazotized base. Vat dyes, insoluble in water, are converted into soluble colorless compounds by means of alkaline sodium hydrosulfite. These colorless compounds are absorbed by the cellulose, which are subsequently oxidized to an insoluble pigment.

Plain saree designer blouse online @ Pink Paparazzi gives you your exclusive look!!

Such dyes are colorfast. Disperse dyes are suspensions of finely divided insoluble, organic pigments used to dye such hydrophobic fibers as polyesters, nylon and cellulose acetates. Reactive dyes combine directly with the fiber, resulting in excellent colorfastness. The first ranges of reactive dyes for cellulose fibers were introduced in the mid-1950. Today, a wide variety is available.

Exactness not guaranteed.We do not guarantee exactness as to the finish and appearance of the final Product as ordered by the user, as quality of imagery cannot be taken a final representation. Do watch us on YouTube…

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Pure crepe


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