Triple dye saree

Triple dye saree

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Designer sarees online lowest price @ Pink Paparazzi

Shimmer and Shine!!

|| peacock || Pink Paparazzi brings to you all the three peacock colours in one saree.

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Triple dye pattern! Pure satin silk saree!

Colors may appear slightly different due to photography lightening conditions and your monitor display settings. The Blouse worn by the model in the image is a part of Pink Paparazzi’s brand new collection and can be purchase separately. Stay tuned to our web store to explore the new whole range of Blouses.

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Designer sarees online lowest price @ Pink Paparazzi

What is dyeing?

“The process of applying color to fiber or yarn is called dyeing.” There may or may not be thorough penetration of the colorant into the fiber or yarn.

Methods of Dyeing:

1) Bale Dyeing: This is a low cost method to dye cotton cloth.

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2) Batik Dyeing: This is one of the oldest forms known to man. It originated in Java.

3) Beam Dyeing: In this method the warp is dyed prior to weaving.

4) Burl or speck Dyeing: This is done mostly on woolens or worsteds, colored specks and blemishes are covered by the use of special colored links which come in many colors and shades.

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5) Chain Dyeing: This is used when yarns and cloth are low in tensile strength

6) Cross Dyeing: This is a very popular method in which varied color effects are obtained in the one dye bath for a cloth which contains fibers with varying affinities for the dye used.

7) Jig Dyeing: This is done in a jig, kier, vat, beck or vessel in an open formation of the goods.

8) Piece Dyeing: The dyeing of fabrics in the cut, bolt or piece form is called piece dyeing.

9) Random Dyeing: Coloring only certain designated portions of the yarn.

10) Raw Stock Dyeing: Dyeing of fiber stock precedes spinning of the yarn. Dyeing follows the degreasing of wool fibers and drying of the stock.

11) Solution Dyeing: This is also called dope dyeing or spun dyeing; the pigment color is bonded-in in the solution and is picked up as the filaments are being formed in the liquor.

12) Yarn dyed: Yarn which has been dyed prior to the weaving of the goods; follows spinning of the yarn.

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Pure silk satin


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