Pink Blouse

Pink Blouse

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A hot pink blouse with a detachable velvet made bottle green jacket.Can also be worn as a saree blouse and also as a crop top by detaching the jacket!

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Designer saree blouses online shopping store presents a hot pink blouse with a detachable velvet made bottle green jacket. Reminds you of that lehenga skirt that is lying at the back of your closet unworn just coz you couldn’t get a matching top? Well then, this might be the one you were looking for! Can also be worn as a saree blouse and also as a crop top by detaching the jacket!

The designer saree blouses online shopping site of Pink Paparazzi showcase pure refinement with its intricate designs.

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Pink Paparazzi has worked with Kalamkari before and all of you loved it! Hence, we are back with some more. So what exactly is Kalamkari? Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, made in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Only natural dyes are used in Kalamkari and it involves twenty three steps.There are two distinct styles of kalamkari art in India, they are Srikalahasti style and the Machilipatnam style.

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The Srikalahasti style of Kalamkari, wherein the “kalam” or pen is used for freehand drawing and the colours are filled in by hand. This style depicts scrolls, temple hangings, chariot banners and the like, depicted deities and scenes taken from the Hindu epics painted all over. Kalamkari art has been practiced by many families in Andhra Pradesh, some villages in Tamilnadu by migrants from Telugu families and over the generations has constituted their livelihood. Kalamkari had a certain decline, then it was revived in India and abroad for its craftsmanship. Hence, Pink Paparazzi worked as the medium to make it available to you!

The best designer saree blouses online shopping site is of Pink Paparazzi

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