Brown shade saree

Brown shade saree

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Christmas is over, but we are not quite over Christmas are we? We still want to hold on to the cozy weather and fuzzy sweaters! As a memento of winter, Pink Paparazzi, brings to you a designer blouse that has been spun out of pure silk threads! Patterned with frozen leaves and hand embroidered with dewy pearls, this blouse is your ultimate go to trend for this year! Having a soft pastel brown shade, with hints of bronze, this designer blouse is your ally! The embroidery runs at the front and back of the blouse having a dotted border and beautiful pattern all over in combinations of brown and white.Comes with six yards of chinon chiffon in brown shade. The designer blouse, has a stylish side zip.The blouse has ample margin inside to extend the blouse size.


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Buy designer sarees online @ Pink Paparazzi

Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram Silk, originates in the Kanchipuram area in Tamil Nadu, India. These sarees are worn as bridal & special occasion sarees by most women in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. The sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk thread. The pure mulberry silk used in the making of Kanchipuram saris comes from South India and the zari comes from Gujarat.To weave a Kanchipuram sari three shuttles are used.

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We use the same method at Pink Paparazzi too! While the weaver works on the right side, his assistant works on the left side of the saree. The border color and design are usually quite different from the body and is called patli pallu. If the pallu or the free end, has to be woven in a different shade, it is first separately woven and then delicately joined to the saree. The part where the body meets the pallu or free end is often denoted by a zig zag pattern.

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At Pink Paparazzi, we offer genuine Kanjeevaram sarees. But, how do you find out if the saree is real or not? It’s quite simple! The body and border are woven separately and then interlocked together. The joint is woven so strongly that even if the sarees tears, the border will not detach. That differentiates the kanjeevaram silk sarees from the others. To get yourself one, get in touch with Pink Paparazzi as something is cooking here!

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