Blue shade block print saree

Blue shade block print saree

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A misty blue saree, with mist laden violets all over. A saree that’s like an early morning spring tale! A story from the flower garden, a picturesque view!  A misty blue sky encircling deep purple violets and kissing them with a few dew drops. These violets are beautiful hand block printed and shaded to give it a real look and color!
A red borders runs along the edges and the free end is completed with fine lines like the other two from our collection!

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Colors may appear slightly different due to photography lightening conditions and your monitor display settings.

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Designer sarees and blouses shop @ Pink Paparazzi

Block printing involves carving the desired pattern onto a large block, covering that design in ink or dye, and stamping it onto the fabric. While blocks could be made from stone, they were most commonly made of wood.

The process is actually very similar to the way that the first printed books were created. This may sound simple, but keep in mind that each block can only be covered in a single color of ink or dye and only to the block containing the part of the overall design utilizing that color. This is an ancient technique, dating back at least to the ancient civilizations of India, Egypt, China, and Assyria, but used widely throughout history around the world.Recorded history of block printed fabrics, date back to the Indus Valley civilization i.e. around 3500 to 1300 BC.

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From the Harappan period onwards, export of, specially cotton is confirmed. A piece of fabric, showing Indus seal was found in Iraq. Also, during the Mohenjo Daro site excavation, needles, spindles, cotton fibers dyed with Madder (a red dye or pigment obtained from the root of the madder plant) were excavated. This proves that Harappan artists were familiar with Mordants (dye fixatives).

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Indian block print cotton fragments were excavated at various sites in Egypt, at Fustant near Cairo. A steatite figurine of a bearded man wearing a Mantle with a trefoil design also indicates that the Harappans used decorated textiles. However, it is not clear whether it was printed or embroidered, but the motif was similar to Kakar or cloud design of Sindhi printers in Pakistan. A terracotta block was also excavated in Bannu district in N.W. frontier province dated around 5th century A.D. It may have been used for printing on fabric.

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