Beige color cotton blouse

Beige color cotton blouse

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Indian wedding sarees online shopping @ Pink Paparazzi

Cotton even in every season! The fashion house of Pink Paparazzi is here again with a cottony hatke look!

Pink Paparazzi, is all about timeless uniques with a hint of the modern era. Frills, a form of trend, that has been in trend since the time, when serials were casted on stage and the actors and actresses, were everyone’s fashion inspiration. Days became months, months became years, seasons changed, so did people’s choices. But, what remained was the rich style history.Do visit our page on Facebook…
Bringing to you, a very elegant and vintage style, frilly, beige designer blouse. Spun out of fine cotton, to let your skin breathe and give you utmost comfort! Has frills around the neckline, in a Peter Pan collar style. The designer blouse, has glass sleeves, that has been bordered with the same frilly detailing.

Pair this designer blouse with a linen saree! Do visit our Lehengas category also…

Colors may appear slightly different due to photography lightening conditions and your monitor display settings.

For Indian customers who want to buy designer sarees online lowest price only – Payment can be made through NEFT transfer or Paytm after delivery of product. Call or Whatsapp Customer Care at 9829126274.T&C apply.

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Indian wedding sarees online shopping @ Pink Paparazzi

A well crafted and fitted saree blouse is your perfect companion of any saree. Designer blouses that are versatile in their appeal can be excellent additions to your wardrobe. We at Pink Paparazzi aspire to progress the ideologies of Indian exquisiteness with designer saree blouses online shopping. Do watch us on YouTube… Saree blouse designs can be inspired from many sources like Bollywood eras or by the works of best Indian designers. Add some exuberant designs to your collection and feel like a queen by wearing our collection!

The best collection of Blouses !! Indian wedding sarees online shopping@ Pink Paparazzi

Significance of The Sindoor in Indian culture: According to popular beliefs, sindoor or vermillion is the symbol of Goddess Parvati or Sati. According to Hindu astrology, the house of Aries is on the forehead. The lord of Aries is Mars. Since the colour of Mars is red, it is believed to be auspicious. It is the sign of soubhagya or good fortune.

Sangeet ceremony in Indian weddings:  Weddings in India have gone from being this austere and sacred ceremony signifying the union of two souls, to pomp and show. As the glam quotient of Indian weddings rose, the sangeet ceremony evolved into the focal point of the pre-wedding celebration. The days of singing simple traditional songs about Banna-Banni with dolaks, spoons and harmonium, are over. It’s not just an assembly of women, singing songs and teasing the bride, but a painstakingly planned event that is an elaborate and extravagant affair nowadays.

Blouses for all occasions!! Indian wedding sarees online shopping @ Pink Paparazzi

The participation is not just restricted to the bride’s family and women. Nowadays, wedding planners, event management companies and choreographers are involved to provide a seamless experience. Our collection for all occasions !! Sometimes there is a set theme for the event like a Disco theme, where the guests have a set dress-code as 80s disco icons. Or may be an Indian Princess theme, where the stage is set like a castle on Rajasthan.

Sangeet nowadays is celebrated by both the bride’s and the groom’s family together at a common venue. A grand stage is set where the performances take place. The choreographers teach cool dance steps to the entire relative bandwagon. The relative perform in pairs or in groups. The sisters and brothers from each side will generally dance in groups or will perform skits. Even the bride and the groom take part in the performance, dancing to romantic numbers.

Indian traditional blouses!! Indian wedding sarees online shopping @ Pink Paparazzi

DJs are hired to create an ambience where guest can dance their hearts out. In over the top NRI or uber-rich businessman weddings, Bollywood celebrities are hired by the event management companies to dance at the event. Some even hire famous musicians and singers to present beautiful Sangeet ideas.

Exactness not guaranteed: We do not guarantee exactness as to the finish and appearance of the final Product as ordered by the user, as quality of imagery cannot be taken a final representation. Alterations to certain aspects of your order such as the size may be required. The blouse has ample margin inside to extend the blouse size.

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